Notes and References

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  • a belt buckle: The coveted Badwater belt buckle displays three silhouetted peaks (one for each mountain range a runner must ascend) against a long sweep of parched ground so that altogether the whole thing looks like a flatlining EKG. Despite this, somehow in the race’s twenty- seven- year history no one has died.
  • its suicidal contenders: The original Badwater finish line used to be at the top of Mount Whitney; it’s now several thousand feet lower at the Whitney portal outside Lone Pine, California. Many runners, however, in the brutal spirit of the original race, still voluntarily run to the top of Whitney. Afterward some of them, for some reason, run 150 miles back to Badwater Basin in Death Valley, and some of them, still, after running back to Badwater Basin, turn and run back to the top of Mount Whitney, and some of them, after running back to the top of Mount Whitney, turn and run back to Badwater Basin. This last particular prodigious trial of suffering is known as a Badwater Quad, and the first person to run it — a distance greater than twenty-two consecutive marathons in ten days — was a man named Marshall Ulrich. He no longer has toenails.
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