...The Colorado Water Conservation Board invites you to click a strip of blue underlined text on the last page of a brief pdf entitled “Cloud Seeding.” I do as well...

Clicking that blue underlined link--"North American Interstate Weather Modification Council" (North is part of hyperlink)--would have taken you to the below website, which apparently no longer exists. I took a screenshot while fact checking the final ms. 

japanese sex shop 1.png

The page as reproduced by Google Translate: 

Japanese sex shop--english.png

Below is the original Note included to entry 57 which was shortened by the publisher. 

If you want to learn more about the ten US states that cloud seed, the Colorado Water Conservation Board invites you to click a strip of blue underlined text on the last page of their brief PDF entitled, “Cloud Seeding”. I invite you as well. The first time I clicked this hyperlink, “American Interstate Weather Modification Council,” it was October 2013. It’s now August 2015 and I’m making sure I have all my facts straight. How long will they last?

Clicking the blue underlined hyperlink still takes me to the same place it did almost two years ago. A website in Japanese with a white background. A plain picture banner stretched across the top shows a man walking alone along a lane of pollarded plane trees. Sunlight streaks slantwise dappling the dirt road while sheep chew golden dew on the cold morning grass. I scroll down the page and a box appears at the top right corner of my browser, asking me if I would like to translate. Yes. “Translate.” I click the button again. The homepage for the North American Interstate Weather Modification Council reloads.

 “Customs I enjoy a game.”

            “Shalt think deeply thinking game if you want enjoy the sex without.”

            “While immersed in the mood almost like a lover and customs Miss, to'll have even more to play with…”

            “Ultra carefully!! Adoption rate of 20% of the sensitive new wife shop the other stores reference price 12,000 yen.”

            “To because women of the tube thing sharp than men are thinking, even if they enclose the it is not the high finds out, you might become saw through that you have a customs returnable from end-to-end of little words.”

I still feel like I should email Joe Busto and let him know someone made a mistake somewhere—he might not remember me but I still think he’d thank me. For some reason though I can’t bring myself to do it. I doubt that anyone else has clicked that link over the last two years, but if they did I guess they didn’t say anything either. Maybe they thought like me: Weather modification must be a lonely business.

The link was supposed to take you here.