The 3-D Map is Done. Here's my reading of it.

Have you ever thought about traveling to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake to take a tour of the sacred Native American rock art in the Coso Range's Little Petroglyph Canyon? Well now you can thanks to this handy dandy THREE-DIMENSIONAL ONLINE LASER MAP THING. I mention that they were making this map in my book. Turns out it works really well. Click anything once and you immediately pass through the rock wall or the floor of the canyon and fall out into a disorienting infinity of sky-blue space. 

This journey appears to mirror the mystical flight that carried the shaman through the rock walls into the bowels of the earth and out to the fringes of space, a vast visionary voyage that often resolved itself in artworks carved in stone, like those seen in the Coso Range--although this online 3D freefall, I'm certain, is unintended on the part of the programmers. 

This map, as a poorly designed educational tool, ironically manages to recreate the psychic effect of the shaman's perilous voyage, which is to say--as David Whitley summarizes it in his book, Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit--using this map is "a frightening experience... no control, no direction. It was hell, an endless chaotic battle with no real point."

After I busted through the veil and began falling through the measureless firmament, the last thing I saw as before I slid behind Mars and the canyon disappeared was #14: "Medicine Bag Panel 2". 

My apologies to the designers.